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Pippa's World

pippa - head & shoulders Pippa

pippa - head & shoulders


Pippa, is a first contact paramedic. Her job is to get to the scene of an accident/emergency as quickly as possible and to stabilise patients until they can be transferred to hospital.

Pippa's world is very unusual because she attends emergencies by car, by motorbike, by air ambulance and sometimes even with the coastguard. She has also been known to attend emergencies with the lifeboat crews. This is because her emergency headquarters is situated at the seaside between the main hospital and the main coastguard station and very, very close to the main lifeboat station. She works for the 'Accident And Emergency Controlled Response Unit' and has regular hours of work just like everyone else - but she is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pippa drives her own motorbike but when she's in a car she has a driver called Don. Pippa has not yet passed her test in the car.

Don - Driver Crash - Pippa's Dog



Crash is Pippa's dog. You'll not find him in the first three stories since he was only found in book four. He was discovered in the back of a car that was involved in a road traffic accident - that's why Pippa called him Crash. After the accident, when no-one came forward to claim him, Pippa decided to adopt him. Over time people have begun to suspect that he has magical healing powers, but no-one knows this for sure. Certainly some people have reported that they have sometimes seen a strange light in his eyes, but this has always been put down to a trick of the light. The one thing Pippa has noticed is that when Crash has stayed around people for any length of time, they seem to get better far quicker than they would normally. Little do they know that Crash is invulnerable - that means he can't be hurt, which is probably a good thing since he is accident prone and finds himself in some very dangerous situations.

Charlie Sarah Charlie and Sarah - The Ambulance Crew

full body charlieSarah

Charlie and Sarah

Charlie, the ambulance driver and his partner Sarah are both paramedics. The ambulance tends to be much slower than Pippa's transport but is still the best way to get none-emergency cases to hospital. The one thing all their patients say about them is they're very cheerfull and positive and make a bad day seem better.

Harry - Pilot Winch Man frank Harry, Peter and Frank - The Helicopter Crew

full harry full peter frank

Harry Peter and Frank

Harry is the helicopter pilot, Peter the winch man and Frank is the Co-Pilot. These guys are very professional and consider themselves privileged to be able to do the job they do. Just like Pippa they share their duties between the coastguard and the air ambulance service. When they are working with the coastguard they wear Orange uniforms.

Don - Driver Don - Pippa's Driver



When Pippa is in the paramedic car, Don is the driver. Pippa has passed her test on her bike but not in the car, so she has to have a driver.

Don - Driver Daniel - The Doctor



Daniel is one of the key Accident and Emergency Doctors at Pippa's hospital. Sometimes he has to go out in the field to help Pippa. In Pippa's world Daniel wears a special white suit when he is in the field.

Don - Driver Dwayne H&S Alfred And Dwayne

fulldon dwayne

Alfred and Dwayne

Alfred (or Alf as he is known to his friends) is the police sergeant who sees Pippa regularly when the police are called to the same incidents that Pippa attends.
Dwayne is a police constable and Alf's driver and partner.
Alf says, "It's just that Pippa's on our beat, that's why we see her so often."

Don - Driver Ben - The Fire Chief



Ben always gets called out with the rest of the brigade when they are needed to tackle fires or rescue people from their cars. Ben wears a white helmet. All the other firemen wear yellow helmets. This enures that other emergency personnel know who's in charge of the fire men when they arrive.

colin Colin - The Dispatcher



Pippa has a central dispatcher called Colin. As you can imagine he's a very busy man and has several computer screens full of information as to where everyone is, what transport they are using and what emergencies they are currently attending. He decides where Pippa will go next. If she or her crew go out over the sea they have to wear their orange uniforms, over land she wears the standard paramedic green.

You will have noticed that Colin is in a wheelchair. He had an accident one day and was rescued by the emegency services. It was his own rescue that prompted him to be involved with the emergency services when he was old enough to join.


Don - Driver Pippa's Motorbike


Pippa's Motorbike

This is Pippa's motorbike. She uses this to weave through traffic so that she can get to any emergency as quickly as possible. When there is a lot of traffic this is far quicker than using a car. If you would like a colouring sheet of the bike then click here.

Don - Driver Pippa's Car


Pippa's Car

This is Pippa's car. It is usually driven by Don since Pippa has not yet passed her test in the car. She has passed her test on her motorbike. If you would like a colouring sheet of the car then click here.

Don - Driver Air Ambulance


Air Ambulance

The Air Ambulance is used for land based rescue operations. This is a very efficient way of getting the injured to hospital since, not only can it fly over traffic jams, but it also can fly in a straight line regardless of the road system below.

Don - Driver Coastguard Helicopter


Coastguard Helicopter

When there are problems at sea the coastguard take over. Notice the floats above the wheels in case the helicopter has to land at sea.

Don - Driver Inshore Lifeboat


Inshore Lifeboat

The inshore lifeboat has a flat bottom so that it can operate in shollow coastal waters. If you would like a colouring sheet of this lifeboat then click here.

Don - Driver Ocean Going Lifeboat


Ocean Going Lifeboat

The Offshore or Ocean Going Lifeboat is much bigger and cannot work in shallow water. It has a much more powerfull engine and can take on more individuals during a rescue. If you would like a colouring sheet of this lifeboat then click here.

Don - Driver Pippa's Hospital


Pippa's Hospital

Pippa's hospital is in a large complex that contains all of the emergency services for the area. It nestles between the Air Ambulance station and Colin's workplace, the Controlled Response Unit.

Don - Driver The Coastguard and Lifeboat Stations


Coastguard and Lifeboat Stations

The Coastguard and lifeboat stations are just off to one side of the hospital. You'll get a clearer view of the layout when you look at the whole 'Complex' - see below.

Police Cheif - Alf Pippa's World - The Big Picture


The Complex

If you look carefully you will see the nearest town in the distance. Pippa's place of work is enormous.